Darian Ahler

Head of Program Strategy , Vebu Labs

Darian Ahler is founder and CEO of Bobacino, a startup developing automated tea bars based in El Segundo, California. He is also Head of Program Strategy for Vebu Labs (Bobacino’s parent company), a product development studio automating solutions from “seed-to-fork”. With a background in mechanical engineering, Darian has spent over a dozen years at the intersection of food and automation. Previous to Bobacino, he founded Truebird, creating automated micro-cafes serving specialty coffee. In his early career he developed solutions for the meat industry and commercial indoor farming.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM 211

CA1428B - Improving Supply Chain Collaboration With Arena PLM

So, you created a great product design in Onshape, now what? Realizing that product means finding suppliers and supplier parts, sending accurate information to contract manufacturers, and even sub-contracting aspects of the design to your supply chain. Keeping all of this in sync as changes occur through prototyping, pilot, and full-scale production can be challenging. Hear from PLM experts from PTC and Vebu Labs how Arena PLM takes the friction out of this, and why Arena PLM is the natural extension to Onshape when it comes to realizing your product.

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