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David Whitney

Senior IT-Consultant, BHC Consulting

Session Track: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Wednesday, May 17 1:55 PM - 2:25 PM 207

AL1272B - Integrating Hardware and Software Development in Digital Product Delivery

The role of software in mechatronic products grows rapidly, allowing manufacturers to save costs on the hardware side while being more agile in developing new features.

In consequence overall product complexity increases, but methods exist that allow this to be managed reliably. First, we will show how End-to-End Systems Engineering provides crucial methodological support. Second, we will discuss what steps need to be taken to align your existing PLM and ALM tool landscape so that it is a best fit.

However, key is a culture of change and openness to interdisciplinary thinking. As this often is countered by concerns, we also want to inspire encouragement: Much of what is needed often already exists in companies! Sometimes it lacks just a little orchestration to boost things forward.

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