Dennis Kapatos

Technical Designer Sr. , Blue Origin

I was born and grew up in the Buffalo, New York area but moved to Florida in 2006 after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. In 2007 I started working at Kennedy Space Center and spent the next 12 years working on launch support equipment for NASA supporting the Constellation and SLS programs. In 2019 I joined Blue Origin and I've been supporting the development of New Glenn ever since.

Session Track:

Thursday, May 18 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM 205 A

CA1382B - Building a Road to Space Using Effective MBD Solutions for Large Structures

Reducing the cost of access to space takes innovative ideas and modeling practices while removing barriers that slow down the design process. Using the launch table for Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, I’ll demonstrate refined MBD techniques as I walk through setting up an inseparable assembly/weldment using the 'All/Combined State' capabilities within the Creo ‘View Manager’ while illustrating part callouts, color-coded parts (based on stock sizes), part detail states, weld callouts and more. The combined states generated will include exploded, detail and section states along with model appearance techniques for increasing clarity. Want MORE excitement? Leave with postcards that we’ll fly to space and back and return to you, or your family members, as a special space-flown keepsake!

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