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Evan Kessick

Principal Engineer – Model Based Enterprise, GE Appliances, a Haier company

I'm very passionate about engineering and product development with having 10+ years of experience across the appliance and healthcare industry. I enjoy learning new things and I'm always open to sharing my experiences to benefit others. I'm currently A Principle Dimensional Control Engineer at GE Appliances supporting new product launches and a GD&T and Tolerance Stack instructor.

Session Track: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Tuesday, June 9 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM LiveWorx Virtual OnDemand

CA1472CU - MBD & Detailing: A Creo Product Update and GE Appliance’s MBD Journey

An MBD Two-for-One! Attend this session to hear from PTC's Michael Fridman, product manager, about updates to the MBD product, and then from GE's Evan Kessick about GE's MBD journey to becoming machine-readable and how they leverage MBD in key areas of the business (MBE). MBD is one of the largest contributors to the success of a company's implementation of Model-Based Enterprise (MBE). Creating 3D models that express full product definition through machine-readable Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) is an important step in the process. MBE is the ability to leverage MBD data throughout a part's lifecycle to limit derivative data creation and eliminate manual work. A few examples of this would be importing PMI into a 3D tolerance analysis software, or exporting MBD data to QIF (Quality Information Framework) to automatically create PPAP reports. Both examples provide significant time savings and efficiency gains to the business.

Session Track: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Tuesday, June 9 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM LiveWorx Virtual On Demand

CA1473CA - Semantic Model-Based Definition (MBD) Workflows using Creo

There is a big gap between your product design and your downstream manufacturing processes.

For instance, First Article report generation and CMM operations require a skilled engineer manually transcribing GD&T annotation with hours ranging from 16 to 60 per part. This is extremely time-consuming and expensive – the bottleneck to an efficient workflow.

By using Creo's MBD capabilities, you can reduce time or even automate them, bridging your enterprise closer to digital transformation.

Success stories from Stryker and GE Appliances will show a drastic simplification of downstream workflows where Creo MBD was utilized.

We will also talk about running a pilot program, quick wins, struggles, and overall ROI for adopting this approach. The digital age is here. Companies with the first-mover advantage will stay competitive. See how with this presentation.

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