Evan Kirstel

Founder , eViraHealth

For Evan Kirstel, Social Business has been a healthy “obsession” for years. He has massively grown his personal social networks, while helping dozens of clients grow from zero to tens of thousands of engaged followers. Evan has 157K followers on Twitter,  15K connections on LinkedIn and 135K followers on Instagram, growing by thousands monthly. His connections are a "Who's Who" of the B2B Enterprise, IoT, Cloud, and HealthTech. Evan was named the 5th most influential B2B marketeer in the US. He was recently selected to be a 2017-2018 HIMSS Social Media Ambassador.

Evan combines 20+ years of sales, alliances, and biz dev experience with deep knowledge of social, mobile, IoT, cloud, security, and voice/video/web collaboration, offering a unique perspective on market convergence dynamics. His career includes roles with Philips, Intel, Siemens, and Oracle. He is a founder of EvanKirstel.com and KirstelReport.com

As a long-time expert and thought leader in the Cloud, Security, IoT, Big Data, AI and other technologies, Evan's been following their emergence in the health landscape with great interest. He wanted to bring his technical expertise, industry experience, and social business know-how to help accelerate the growth of the digital health economy. 

Evan is an internationally recognized thought leader and influencer in IoT (#1 in 2017), Cloud, Data Security (2016),Health Tech (#9 in 2017), Digital Health (#6 in 2016), B2B Marketing (#5 in 2015), AI, Smart Home, Digital(2017), IIoT (#1 in 2017), Telecom/Wireless/5G, and is in the top 10 most mentioned/re-tweeted by CMOs and CIOs (2016).

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Tuesday, June 19 9:00 am – 9:45 am 204B

Internet of Medical Things: The Bright Future of IoT in Healthcare

IoMT devices, such as wearables, mobile health apps, in-home medical and consumer devices (think Amazon Echo), remote patient monitoring and other devices are already in wide use. While the majority is for fitness promotion and tracking, regular health status data and basic vitals, the applications of IoMT devices are steadily increasing. They form a unique digital fingerprint, which over time grows more meaningful and eventually produces actionable insights. We will explore compliance and security challenges of connected health devices. We will also touch on the challenges of technology adoption in this industry.

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