Fengshi Gang

Chief Architect , Johnson & Johnson

Bruce Gang is capable of leading, providing strategies, roadmaps and pioneering to the groundbreaking areas on PLM, Digital Threads & transformation with his 30 years of exceptional experience across enterprise product digital threads, data democratization, aggregation & orchestration of platforms using the latest & greatest technologies combined with outstanding domain process knowledge at Product Development & Manufacturing. Bruce is a top-notch professional enterprise architect with international experience and a proven record of accomplishment at architecting strategically & holistically, connecting business requirements to drive value in an enduring way. Bruce serves as trusted partner to Sr. Leadership teams and Partners. Bruce possesses exceptional critical thinking skills for resolving complex & tough issues and driving innovations with reasoning from a first principles approach. Bruce is passionate about his work with a focus on strategy & execution excellence. Leads by example & serves as strong mentor/coach.

Session Track:

Thursday, May 18 11:05 AM - 11:35 AM 103

PL1614B - Windchill PLM Data Digitization & Democratization using Materialized Views

There are several challenges to accessing PLM data for data analytics, including data silos and complex data models. At JNJ, we developed PLM Materialized Views (PMV) to address them. PMV is a digitalization and democratization of Windchill PLM data, designed to make product lifecycle information accessible to a wider range of users without the need for PLM IT support including released docs, CADs, parts & BOMs, and changes, as well as cycle times. PMV simplifies data structure and accessibility, generates data catalog for collaboration. It has already shown significant business impact by freeing up resources and improving data acquisition performance. PMV provides insights and transparency for decision-making, enabling us to avoid past pitfalls and provide core PLM data for analytics.

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