Gilles Hubsch


Gilles Hubsch, SLM Consultant at DxP Services (an ITC Infotech brand) is responsible for driving customers on S-Series projects and defining vision and strategy for the ITC S-Series solutions. He combines technical and functional knowledges on Widchill solutions. Gilles has 20 years of experience in the fields of SLM and PLM and 7 years on the Logistic Support Analysis domain (MIL-1388-2B standard and S3000L specification). Early in his career, he worked for PTC in the Global Service organization during 15 years as a SLM specialist with aerospace & defense companies like Safran, Thales and MBDA. Gilles lives near Paris, France.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 4:00 PM - 4:15 PM IgniteTalX Stage 3

SE1820I - Improving the Quality of Support and Efficiency of Maintenance through LSA

LSA - Logistics Support Analysis is a structured approach to increase the efficiency of maintenance and reduce the cost of providing support, by preplanning all aspects of Integrated Logistics Support. Learn why and how best-in-class Aerospace & Defense companies implement LSA to improve the quality of support of their products while reducing maintenance costs and complying with the latest international standards such as S-Series (S1000D, S2000M, S3000L). DxP Services will explain why LSA is so instrumental in the context of the digital thread and demonstrate a proven and scalable solution extending the Windchill PLM Platform already adopted by many A&D customers.

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