Hedley Apperly

VP product Management, PTC

Hedley Apperly BSc (Hons) MA, is a VP of Solution Management at PTC, responsible for Model-based Systems Engineering. He has graduate and post graduate qualifications in engineering, computing & strategic marketing, backed up with 20 years of senior product management experience in the modeling tools domain. Hedley is an author and visionary on methodologies, modeling and reuse. He is also a member of the OMG Board of Director and has been actively involved in defining industry standards such as UML, SysML and ReqIF. He was involved in writing Component Based Development for Enterprise Systems (1998 Cambridge University Press). Hedley also co-authored Component Based Software Engineering; Putting the Pieces Together (1999, Addison-Wesley) and Service- and Component-based Development; Using the Select Perspective and UML (2002, Addison Wesley.)

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The opportunity for MBSE to build IoT systems-of-systems

Session Details

Wednesday, June 20 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM 206 AB

s729 - Design for Connectivity- Addressing the Challenges of Smart, Connected Product Design

Designing & producing smart connected products adds a number of new challenges to the traditional product development process. More stakeholders are involved from more engineering disciplines, necessitating more integration, new strategies and, of course, Designing for Connectivity. In this session, we will be covering the design practices & value of data from a designer’s perspective. We’ll learn how to both plan for and find/use the data necessary in your ‘whole solution’. Assess what data you will need and how this can be planned and integrated into your development process. As well as looking at how companies today are using smart connected product design to replace assumptions with facts so they can solve problems and innovate quicker. We’ll be providing several customer examples:

- Racing Team (addressing performance issues)
- Whirlpool (feature usage evaluation)
- eGo Car (evaluating design assumptions)

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Monday, June 18 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM 102 AB

s708 - Model Based Systems Engineering Roadmap

An explosion of smart, connected products is making the engineering process more complex. Delivering more complex products requires the involvement of more stakeholders from multiple engineering domains – along with a mix of languages, tools, and databases. To unify stakeholders, organizations are adopting MBSE to collaborate and communicate ideas. Attend this session to hear about the latest features in PTC's MBSE products Integrity Modeler, Integrity Asset Library & Integrity Process Director.

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Wednesday, June 20 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM 103

s702 - Ask the Experts: Windchill & Integrity

Join Windchill and Integrity Product Managers as they answer everything you have ever wanted to know about the products, functionalities, and capabilities.

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Wednesday, June 20 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM 103

s730 - Approaching Model-Based Enterprise with PTC

MBD, MBSE, MBE…. That’s a lot of model-based talk. Join Steve Dertien, CTO of PTC, along with Paul Sagar and Hedley Apperly as they discuss MBE and how it works within an enterprise. We will be covering system models, 3D models, and emerging trends. As well as looking at customer use cases and how your organization can benefit from a model-based enterprise approach. In this session, they will also review PTC’s roadmap to the model-based enterprise including the latest changes to Creo, Windchill, and Integrity to get you there.

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