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Howard Heppelmann

Vice President and General Manager, Smart Connected Operations, PTC

Howard Heppelmann is Divisional Vice President and General Manager at PTC. In this role, he is responsible for the business strategy and P&L of PTC's Manufacturing Solutions Segment. PTC’s Manufacturing Solutions Segment is focused on bringing technology solutions to market that help manufacturing companies convert digital information flows into real-time actionable intelligence. Mr. Heppelmann’s previous roles include General Manager of PTC’s Connected Product Management Segment, General Manager of PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management Segment, and General Manager of PTC’s Supply Chain Management Segment. He has worked in the manufacturing industry since 1990 and has extensive experience leveraging digital information and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to transform product development, manufacturing, supply chain, and service-related business processes. Mr. Heppelmann is a regular participant at industry seminars where he has presented on important topics such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Service Lifecycle Management, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), product regulatory compliance, supply chain management, and product development best practices in both discrete manufacturing and retail. He has been published and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and numerous other business and trade publications.

Session Track: IIoT for the Factory

Tuesday, June 9 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM OnDemand Library

IF1763B - Unlock Double Digit Impact With Digital Transformation Solutions

There has never been a greater challenge imposed upon manufacturing and supply chains around the world than today. These disruptions are having dramatic effects on corporate leaders who are responsible for organizational strategies focused on value and optimized revenue. We know normal operations have changed, but how do you determine which initiatives will have the greatest impact on recovery and how do you operationalize digital transformations at scale?

Companies with a laser focus on financial impact and the prioritization of limited resources against high-value use cases, can achieve a successful digital transformation journey. Join senior executives Craig Melrose and Howard Heppelman as they discuss how PTC and the PTC Partner Ecosystem can help our joint customers emerge from this crisis, today.

Session Track: IIoT for the Factory

Tuesday, June 9 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM LiveWorx Virtual

IF1792B - BCG & PTC: COVID-19 - How to Emerge Stronger from the Crisis

As the business impact of the COVID-19 crisis mounts, leaders in every industry are moving urgently to protect employees and build resilience. Leaders need to look much further ahead and envision how the crisis will continue to affect the competitive environment and what society will need in the coming months and years.

In this session, we’ll review the current impact of the crisis, implication for enterprises, the dimensions of re-starting and what new challenges will be faced. Further, we’ll be looking at what companies can do to find ways to create resiliency, sustainability and value through the digital and the human component. You’ll see how organizations are using technology solution to open new opportunities to not just survive but create competitive advantage.

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