James Sullivan

CEO & Founder , CadActive Technologies, Inc.

James Sullivan founded CadActive Technologies in 2016 where he currently serves as CEO and Chief Product Architect. He specializes in CAD, PLM and a wide array of automation techniques that help enterprise engineering teams build innovative products. He is also an evangelist for best practices in advanced assembly management (AAX), routed systems and digital thread that can help businesses unlock their most complex design challenges. He has built software products and consulted for numerous blue-chip manufacturers across the engineering landscape including Bechtel Corporation, Schneider Electric, a leading powertrain manufacturer and one of the world's largest semiconductor companies, among others. Prior to CadActive, James was a mechanical engineer at Lockheed Martin where he designed commercial satellites in Lockheed's Space division. He also built several custom Creo applications while at Lockheed, where he grew his passion for intelligent design automation. James graduated from Drexel University's College of Engineering with Master of Science (MS) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Outside of work, James enjoys playing tennis, VR gaming and unabashedly cheering on the Denver Broncos.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM 104

CA1342B - Building Smarter Assemblies in Creo: Best Practices & Automation for AAX

Complex assemblies in Creo are vulnerable to performance issues, lack of associativity, and can create challenges in managing critical data. As a result, development costs, time-to-market, and scalability of engineering practices can be impacted drastically. Poor practices with large assemblies also have direct effects on digital product definition, manufacturing efficiency, and more ambitious digital transformation initiatives like MBD, AR, and IoT. CadActive is a PTC Technology Partner focused on helping design teams use Creo more effectively. In this breakout session, attendees will discover complex assembly best practices in Creo, why they are often difficult to implement, and CadActive’s Creo-based automation platform for supercharging the Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX).

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