Jay Schiavo

Vice President , Entrust

Jay Schiavo is the Vice President of Product Management for Certificate Solutions, including PKI, Public SSL, and Digital Signing. Jay is an industry pioneer and global leader in identity-based digital security. He has been serving the industry since 2004, and was integral in developing the technology that enabled an SSL/TLS offering for hosting companies, service providers, and other partners. Jay and his team are now shaping the future vision and strategy making it easy for customers to consume our solutions across the Entrust SSL, PKI, and Digital Signing portfolios. Schiavo previously held the position of Director of Product Management and Partner Platforms for VeriSign. He also worked at Core security where his team launched a new enterprise security intelligence solution to help identify attack paths that could be exploited by cyber attackers. Jay served as a certification authority representative for VeriSign in the industry standard group, the CA/Browser Forum from 2008 to 2011. Schiavo holds a MBA in Business Administration and Management from Northeastern University where he also earned his undergraduate degree, and coaches hockey in his spare time.

Session Track: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Tuesday, May 16 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM 102 B

II1840B - Securing Your Connected Supply Chain

Today’s global supply chains rely on an increasing number of interconnected devices to capture and relay timely data, and the relationship between device and data trust has become closely interlinked. These devices, often located outside of a secure networked environment, have become a favorite target of bad actors. A single disruption to a production line based on compromised device data has been proven to cost an organization 5% of its annual profits. As the complexity of these connected ecosystems increases, organizations require an automated approach to secure the full lifecycle of their connected devices, ensuring adequate protection from cyber-attacks and enabling sustainable, resilient supply chain operations.

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