Jeffrey Coon

Director Product Management, PLM , PTC

I am the current Director of Product Management for the Visualization team. This team is responsible for the development of WVS, VCS, WebGL Toolkit, Creo View and Creo Illustrate for both on premise and cloud use cases.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM 205 C

PL1121B - How Can a Digital Thread Transform Design, Manufacturing, Quality, and Service? - Ask Your PTC Experts

Learn from PTC experts about the organizational and business benefits of a digital thread with a specific focus on productivity, quality, and cost.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 11:10 AM - 11:40 AM 205 A

PL1124B - What's New in Visualization

Learn about the new features you may have missed in Creo View, Creo View Adapters, WVS, and VCS over the past few releases. Find out about the Visualization SaaS strategy being built today. Get a chance to meet the Product team and ask those burning questions.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM 210 A

SE1863P - PTC’s Vision for 2D & 3D Illustrations

Come learn about the most advanced technical illustration tools, Creo Illustrate, and IsoDraw! Are your technical writers stuck in text? Learn how you can incorporate and train your teams to create rich 3D technical illustrations, 2D drawings, and interactive animated sequences that accurately reflect current product configurations and support formats from hard copy to augmented reality. Ensure an efficient service and parts operation with illustrations for service procedures, parts catalogs, assembly instructions, training manuals, marketing materials, and operating instructions.

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