Jennifer Brown

Solution Manager , Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jennifer enjoys helping clients realize better data management and faster and more streamlined PLM business processes throughout the product lifecycle. Jennifer's specializations include ERP, PLM, and QMS tools to improve business processes for New Product Introductions, Sustaining Engineering, and Quality Management. She has experience implementing Portfolio and Project Management, Change Management, Engineering Record or ECR/ECN, Master Data Management and Governance, Document and CAD Management and integrations of PLM and ERP, and automation of work processes through lean workflow. Jennifer has been a functional, technical and business process expert on multiple PLM, ERP, and QMS projects across multiple Industries, leading cross functional teams on global projects to deliver exceptional solutions for clients.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 3:00 PM - 3:15 PM IgniteTalX Stage 1

PL1853I - Accelerating the Solution to Product Development Challenges & Complexities

Is your organization saddled with fragmented business processes and unconnected silos of data? Do you understand where your organization is bogged down with regulatory complexity? Is your disconnected product data exposing you to quality risk? Can you trace defects to product improvement needs? Deloitte has solutions with standardized processes for a connected new product introduction process. Our pre-configured policies, business process, and technical solutions accelerate value delivery, removing the complexities that bar you from being a market leader in your industry.

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