Jenny Johnson

PTC Cloud Infrastructure , Onshape

Jenny Johnson, Principal Technical Services Engineer is a Principal Technical Services Engineer, fulfilling both a PreSales and Post Sales role. She has over 20 years of industry experience before joining the CAD industries.  She previously was a PDM project manager and helped hundreds of companies shape their PDM\PLM processes.  For the past 2 years Jenny has been leveraging her years of industry experience and software implementation skillset to collaborate with Onshape Enterprise customers ensuring their success integrating cloud based CAD and Data management into their agile product development.  In her free time, she loves LEGO, family time and never-ending house projects.

Session Track:

Monday, May 15 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 156 B

CA1692TR - Onshape Hands-on Test Drive (Mon10)

This training is geared towards new Onshape users or people who want to learn how Onshape may revolutionize their design practices. Come join us as we give you a guided tour of Onshape. The class will walk you through a design focusing on topics that are unique to Onshape. Explore modeling techniques, sharing and collaboration tools, data management, and more! You will work in a team within the class to design and manage data, learning about Onshape’s key differentiators in the process. Some topics include Onshape documents, multi-part part studios, assemblies and mating, sharing and teams, comments, markup, tasks, and follow mode, document history and versions, branching and merging, analytics, Onshape Simulation, Render Studio, and Onshape on a mobile device.

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