Kevin Kelleher

Senior Manager - Technical Design , Blue Origin

Currently a senior manager for a technical design team at Blue Origin, Kevin provides technical design and CAD support for the development of transportation and handling equipment (launch systems) for the New Glenn rocket, a heavy-lift reusable launch vehicle capable of carrying people and payloads routinely to Earth orbit and beyond. Kevin and his team prepare and release PDD for these advanced systems. Kevin is no stranger to the space industry. Prior to Blue Origin, Kevin held a CAD manager role at Kennedy Space Center for 13 years, leading a large team supporting NASA's ground support equipment division responsible for multiple ground/launch systems for the Space Launch System, or SLS (a Space Shuttle derived heavy launch vehicle being designed by NASA that recently launched for the first time on Pad 39B). Previously he worked as a senior CAD designer and manager for Liberty Aerospace assisting in the design and FAA certification of the 2-seat, single engine aircraft, the Liberty XL2. Kevin also worked as a CAD specialist designing products including Bose sound systems, space station fuel lines, lunar habitat protection concepts, production machinery for Gillette, industrial-sized Fryers, specialized tooling, launch pads, roller coasters, and more. He brings a “whatever it takes” attitude to everything he faces and has gained a reputation of professionalism along the way. He has been awarded NASA’s “achievement award” in recognition for his excellence and dedication in developing and implementing a global NASA Interoperability Standard and, for years has been leading internal NASA and Blue Origin weekly CAD Users Group sessions. Risking his life as a volunteer firefighter for seven years of dedicated service and a happy father of five, Kevin continues to challenge himself while enjoying his passions outside of work. He enjoys playing ice hockey, working out, spending quality time with his wife, playing with his kids and enjoying life in Florida!

Session Track:

Thursday, May 18 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM 205 A

CA1382B - Building a Road to Space Using Effective MBD Solutions for Large Structures

Reducing the cost of access to space takes innovative ideas and modeling practices while removing barriers that slow down the design process. Using the launch table for Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, I’ll demonstrate refined MBD techniques as I walk through setting up an inseparable assembly/weldment using the 'All/Combined State' capabilities within the Creo ‘View Manager’ while illustrating part callouts, color-coded parts (based on stock sizes), part detail states, weld callouts and more. The combined states generated will include exploded, detail and section states along with model appearance techniques for increasing clarity. Want MORE excitement? Leave with postcards that we’ll fly to space and back and return to you, or your family members, as a special space-flown keepsake!

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM 210 A

CA1613P - Model-Based Definition: Principles and Practices

Join a group of panelists from CNH Industrial, Blue Origin, and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physical Laboratory for a discussion on the rise of MBD principles and practices within their individual industries. Each participant will provide an overview of their practices, challenges, and tips for implementing MBD within an enterprise organization. Discover how implementing MBD has benefitted these organizations and extended the digital thread throughout the value chain.

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