Koji Tokunaga

Vice President, Digital Manufacturing, Global , Olympus Corporation

Koji Tokunaga has Master’s Degree of Mechanical Engineering, and Master’s Degree of Business Administration. He has 30 years experiences in Aviation Industry, 7 years of experience of research and development of the jet engine for supersonic transporter. 13 years of experience of developing new repair technology for jet engine parts. 3 years of experience of establishing Joint Venture in United States and setting up its capability and achieve an approval from FAA, and industrializing maintenance shop for jet engine parts and accessary as a project leader. 6 years of experience of Quality Assurance and ICT to improve both Quality and Productivities utilizing DX technology collaborating with Startups and IT Venders. Now leading Digital Transformation at Olympus as VP of Digital Manufacturing for two years.

Session Track: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Wednesday, May 17 1:55 PM - 2:25 PM 210 A

II1668B - How Olympus is Digitally Transforming its Manual Process For Precise Medical Device Manufacturing

<p>Olympus, the world leader in the endoscope market, develops, manufactures, and services endoscopes and surgical instruments. Manufacturing such high-precision medical devices requires highly skilled and experienced workers. The room for automation is limited. However, Olympus transformed its manufacturing processes by embracing the latest digital technologies. In this breakout, you will learn how the company is leveraging PTC’s ThingWorx to tap into the power of Industry 4.0 to remain competitive in the rapidly changing and expanding medical device industry while meeting increasingly sophisticated needs, ever-changing and stricter regulations, and a shortage of human resources.</p>

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