Mark Lobo

Senior Director, PLM Solution Management, PTC


Session Track: Digital Engineering

Tuesday, June 11 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM 210C

DEP263B - See Success with Enterprise Visualization

Dynamic 3D Visualization is a big deal. Every stakeholder, from product design to service, needs to be able to see product data in a 3D format that is consistent, lightweight, and available to all. The success of a ‘digital thread’ strategy depends on how well companies do this.

Attend this session to learn how Dynamic 3D Visualization helps you achieve better and faster decision making, reduced cost by democratizing access to 3D data outside of engineering, reduced time-to-market and cost of manufacturing, and reduced engineering review cycle time.

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Session Track: Digital Engineering

Wednesday, June 12 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM 104ABC

DEP259M - PLM Ask The Experts

Join Windchill Product Managers as they answer everything you have ever wanted to know about the products, functionalities, and capabilities.

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Session Track: Digital Engineering

Monday, June 10 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM 209

TD153 - Design Sharing With Augmented Reality

Product designers find themselves engrossed in daily discussions of the real world versus the virtual world. As they sculpt out new products with 3D virtual digital models in CAD they struggle to imagine what their product ideas would be like in a real-world environment. Today, the growing use of Augmented Reality (AR) provides an innovative solution to this problem.

AR is a suite of technologies that allows digital data to be superimposed on the physical world. With today’s web cameras, smartphones, tablets, and wearables users can observe interactive views of the real-world environment. AR transforms virtual product geometry data into graphic images that can then be overlaid on those camera views. It is a “marriage” of the virtual and the real world.

**This session is part of the CAD & PLM Technical Day co-located event. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.**

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Session Track: Digital Engineering

Wednesday, June 12 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM 208

DEC816B - Value of Augmented Reality (AR) in Engineering - The Peterbilt Journey

Sharing is hard work. And sharing designs in a way that is meaningful is even harder. Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful technology that is changing how companies visualize digital content in real-world environments to facilitate secure collaboration both inside and outside the enterprise. Hear from PTC product managers, in tandem with Peterbilt Trucks, as to how AR solved business problems for Peterbilt. PTC Product Managers, Luke Westbrook, and Mark Lobo will discuss how AR is shaping the future of engineering with the AR Design Share capabilities in the PTC product portfolio. Then, Bill Ryan, Vehicle Integration Engineer at Peterbilt Trucks, will share their journey leveraging AR for various engineering use-cases and how this is positively impacting their business across the value chain.

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Session Track: Digital Engineering

Monday, June 10 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM 102AB

DEP258P - PLM Tips and Tricks

Windchill Product Managers take the stage to help you design smarter for both today and tomorrow.

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