Mark Wilding

Vice President, Global Customer Transformation , PTC

Mark Wilding’s is the Vice President and Manager of the Global Customer Transformation team (GCT) at ServiceMax. His career spans over 30 years of leadership positions in Operations, Sales, Supply Chain, Service and Support. Beginning his experience with GE as a Technician Apprentice, qualifying as an Engineer, then moving on to work for several industry leading companies such as Goodrich Aerospace, Rolls-Royce Aerospace & Nuclear, EDF Nuclear power & Airbus Industries. More recently leading Service at Hexagon AB. Mark’s focused on continually driving business performance and growth.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM 205 A

SE1767B - Asset-Centricity Expanded: Enabling Digital Transformation Across the Asset Lifecycle

Manufacturers and service providers of high-value, complex equipment require better visibility to asset data. These insights can drive greater efficiency and improve decision support to maximize revenue. An asset-centric approach to service management means providing the necessary support, insights, and knowledge to ensure highly complex equipment operates at full capacity. But the benefit doesn’t end there. A truly asset-centric approach be leveraged to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives to the next level. Hear how PTC's acquisition of ServiceMax has unlocked new potential attached to an asset-centric approach that connects service with product design and delivers a truly complete view of the asset lifecycle. 

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 11:10 AM - 11:40 AM 105

SE1893C - ThingWorx and ServiceMax: Elekta’s Journey to Leading in Connected Service

Business leaders continue to struggle with having the right resources in place to support their growth and profitability objectives. IDC’s research indicates this is a major reason why connected and remote service solutions are seeing increased traction. Yet connectivity is still extremely difficult to achieve given internal barriers and external customer concerns. With all the advances in connectivity, only a small number of all organizations have connected assets in place or successful connected programs. Elekta is a leader in connected service, having prioritized its connected products as a critical part of its service journey. Following their investment, Elekta is on a path to expand its connected footprint and deliver value to a larger group of stakeholders across their organization.

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