Matt Burr

CAD Architect and Administrator , Solar Turbines Incorporated

After graduating college, I started my career working as a 2D CAD drafter. After a short period of time, I was trained to use 3D solid modeling and detailing using Creo (Pro/Engineer) in 1993 (Pro/E 10.0). For the next several years, I transitioned between doing design work and doing support for Creo (Pro/ENGINEER). In 2003 timeframe I transitioned to IT for a final time and I have been an IT system administrator for almost 20 years now.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 1:55 PM - 2:25 PM 205 C

CA1104C - Updating Your Creo More Frequently

Like many companies, Solar Turbines previously updated Creo only once every few years. In 2018, the company started implementing Creo upgrades more frequently, capturing the incremental improvements of each release. In this session for CAD administrators, Solar Turbines shares their experience and what they have learned over the past several years, including the pandemic period. Hear how smaller, strategic incremental changes support their major releases.

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