Nancy MacDonald

Arbortext Business Development , PTC

I help PTC customers complete the digital thread to service, allowing them to reduce downtime and increase dealer/servicer efficiency and satisfaction. The Arbortext Business Unit, which is part of the Service Lifecyle segment at PTC, is focused on asset-based technical and parts information. I've been with PTC for 14 years in the service/aftermarket space.

Session Track:

Thursday, May 18 10:00 AM - 10:15 AM IgniteTalX Stage 1

SE1467I - Smart Connected Products Means Smarter Service with Smarter Information

Imagine a world where service information finds you instead of you having to find it! When it comes to smart connected products, PTC’s solution provides all of the necessary information to enable smarter and proactive service – whether it is real-time and historical product data, behavioral trends, diagnostic information, configuration-specific service procedures and parts data, service records and history or even the physical parts availability and automated re-stocking. Such information can lead to proactive maintenance (fixing before it is even broken thereby reducing equipment downtime), smarter field service teams, higher efficiency, improved brand loyalty, and eventual profitability.

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