Paolo Morellini

IT & Continuous Improvement Director , E80 Group SPA

Paolo Morellini, 58, CIO, almost thirty-five years of experience in Process and IT Management by main contractors in the factories automation industry: food and beverage packaging, iron sheets machinery, woodworking machinery, ceramic tiles machinery. A professional life addressed to understand the core needs of engineering companies that deals with end-to-end automation solutions (mechatronic manufacturing) by big multinational customers, in a reliable and durable way. In this industrial business, IT and Data Management means to have Processes and Apps in a perfect harmony (ERP, PLM, CRM, CPQ, CSM, BI, etc.), enabled by hybrid/cloud architectures, safe against cybercrime risks, integrated by state-of-the-art systems as iPaaS. Nevertheless important is the need to provide powerful tools to all the knowledge-intensive users in a "cross-border" scenario: co-engineering, co-development, extended supply chain, remote support, etc. are nowadays common task in order to be excellent and compete into the global business.

Session Track:

Monday, May 15 2:15 PM - 2:45 PM 205 C

PL1167C - Digital Transformation Journey Leveraging PLM

This session explores how an Italian-based global company with 14 branches develops automated and integrated intralogistics solutions, from hardware to software, for manufacturers of high-volume consumer products mainly in the food, beverage, and tissue sectors. Using CAD, IoT, AR, and a comprehensive PLM solution learn how they support their digital transformation journey with PTC and PTC partner Lutech CDM.

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