Patricia Panchak

President , Patricia Panchak LLC, Business Journalist & Editorial Consultant

The dictionary defines “manufacturing” as “the making or producing of anything.” This definition equally applies to providing clean hotel rooms, teaching in a classroom, building cars, or even brewing beer. In reality, most of us are manufacturers. Therefore, understanding and adapting the best-practices from traditional manufacturing sectors, provides the greatest gains in productivity and innovation for the rest of us.

 As the former editor-in-chief of IndustryWeek, Patricia Panchak is a widely recognized authority on business management and leadership issues. Through extensive research, she provides a window into the best practices of world-class organizations and provides the knowledge companies need to put the challenge of global competition in perspective. An accomplished storyteller and an animated, articulate speaker, Patricia inspires optimism in her audiences by filling her presentations with an abundance of valuable data and successful case studies. Her recent work focuses on the following critical factors that drive innovation and sustainable growth:

The Digital Revolution: Leveraging the Latest Information and Production Technologies
The Innovation Imperative: Sustaining Product and Process Development
Transformational Talent Strategies: Transforming Employees into Entrepreneurs

Patricia is also often called upon to deliver her one-of-a-kind take on the state of U.S., North American, and/or global manufacturing, a thought-provoking review of current economic data, plus a challenge of the manufacturing myths that impede the growth of companies and countries. Patricia’s talks on global strategy explain how successful U.S. companies are surviving—even thriving—in today’s hyper-competitive, fast-changing, low-cost economy.

An engaging and insightful speaker, Panchak draws upon 20+ years of research, interviews and reporting to reveal the innovative strategies and best practices of the world’s top companies. These strategies and best practices will make an immediate impact on any organization--by cutting costs, boosting productivity and increasing profits—and will set your company on a path to strong sustainable growth.

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Leveraging Lean & Engaged Employees to Power Your Digital Transformation

For too many business leaders, disruptive digital technologies, with their promise of instant competitive advantage, obviate the need for the more deliberative approach of lean thinking. But technology does not trump lean—the two complementary forces each made are more powerful with the other. Learn how companies are leveraging strong, successful lean cultures to power digital transformation.

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