Rachna Harsh

Consultant , pure-systems GmbH

Rachna is an experienced IT consultant and solution application engineer working with customers worldwide. She has experience with Model Based PLE and MBSE.

Session Track: ALM

Tuesday, May 16 1:00 PM - 1:15 PM IgniteTalX Stage 3

AL1810I - Holistic Product Line Engineering with Pure::variants and Codebeamer

Product Line Engineering (PLE) requires a tool to manage a large number of variants in a traceable, safe, and efficient way. But variability does not end on the architecture level, it affects requirements, test cases, simulation models, code, board designs, and other engineering assets, too. In this session, we will deep-dive into holistic variant management based on the feature-based PLE approach according to the ISO 26580 standard. Learn how to configure variants based on an independent variability model that is connected to all engineering assets, including requirement specifications, to consistently generate and update variant-specific engineering assets out of a repository of reusable product line assets.

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