Rick Newell

Innovation Manager , Orizon

Rick Newell has worked with Orizon since its inception in early 2015. He is the Innovation Manager and oversees innovative projects at all Orizon sites. He has a Black Belt in lean manufacturing and six sigma. He helps lay out new facilities and processes and oversees the web development team, working to create meaningful business actions through easy to access and understand data. He has worked in the aerospace manufacturing industry since 1998.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM 204

AR1541P - Connecting the Frontline to Drive Workforce Efficiency

The push to empower frontline workers with the information they need, where and when they need it most, is critical to optimize complex workflows and drive overall workforce efficiency. As a result, industrial organizations across the globe are incorporating Connected Worker initiatives. Whether on the factory floor, in the field servicing products, or through enabling end-users of the product, augmented reality is reshaping how frontline employees work. Join PTC and leading experts in a discussion on how augmented reality is empowering and improving the workforce.

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