Robert Schmid

Chief IoT Technologist , Deloitte Digital

Robert Schmid, Deloitte Digital’s Chief IoT Technologist, also known as 'Mr.IoT,' is a pragmatically audacious executive helping companies break into the digital age. As a founder and leader of Deloitte Digital’s IoT practice, Robert follows his passion in all things digital from wearables, social, mobile, and cloud computing. He works with clients from strategy thru pilots to implementations, helping clients realize measurable value in a new and challenging area.

Robert leads Deloitte’s strategic alliance with PTC and is a frequent author and public speaker.

Prior to Deloitte, Robert was the CEO and Founder of c1oudbase, a value-based consulting business focused on digital and tech, and the Chief Information Officer for Activision Blizzard, the world’s largest third-party video game publisher.

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Wednesday, June 12 11:00 am – 11:30 am General Session

Coffee with Mr. IoT and Adam Savage: Unleashing Creativity and the "Maker" Mentality

Robert Schmid, Deloitte Digital’s Chief IoT Technologist, aka “Mr. IoT,” takes his weekly coffee chat series to the big stage at LiveWorx 19! Robert sits down with Adam Savage—filmmaker, actor, artist, designer, and former co-host of Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters.” In this wide-ranging conversation on nurturing creativity and thinking outside the box, Robert will delve into what drives Adam’s insatiable curiosity and maker mentality, which has led him to create everything from futuristic weapons, to fine-art sculptures, to dancing vegetables. They will also uncover some of the myths in the world of IoT, AI, and connected everything that Adam would like to see put to the test.

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