Ronald Cramer

VP Projects Product Lifecycle Management , Infineon Technologies

Ron Cramer Vice President Projects PLM, infineon Technologies Ron Cramer has spent more than two decades along the semiconductor product lifecycle from product definition to product maintenance, most of that time in leadership roles. At Infineon Technologies he leads the transformation from project-centric management of single products to family and platform-centric product lifecycle management, from the definition of the PLM roadmap to the deployment and organizational change management.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 1:55 PM - 2:25 PM 105

PL1086C - Far From Home: PLM for Semiconductors

If you want to know what benefits PLM can bring, ask ChatGPT. But what if your products are different from those where PLM has grown and thrived? In this presentation, Ron Cramer will share insights from Infineon’s PLM journey in the semiconductor business - a blend of discrete manufacturing, process, and software development moving from products to systems where classical CAD is not at the core. Learn how Windchill and ThingWorx support Infineon’s business needs, how we engage and support people in the transformation, and what innovation could PTC drive to better tackle today's and tomorrow’s challenges.

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