Ross Turpin

Industrial Engineering Manager , Wachter

Ross Turpin is a Industrial Engineering Manager with Wachter and has been with Wachter for over 6 years. With over 21 years in industrial automation, he specializes in manufacturing, water/wasterwater, and oil/gas industries. 

Session Track: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Wednesday, May 17 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM 204

II1571P - From Pilot Purgatory to Industry 4.0: Industrial Connectivity Has Never Been So Easy

Advancements in AI are enabling the creation of more data providing the potential to revolutionize industrial manufacturing. However, many companies are finding themselves stuck in "pilot purgatory" as they struggle to harness that data across siloed hardware. A special coalition consisting of founding members Kepware Technologies, Intel®, Dell Technologies, Insight Technology, and Wachter joined forces to build a toolkit that eases the transition to Industry 4.0. Hear how this offering addresses digital transformation challenges and can easily be deployed in your enterprise – so you can focus on using the data, rather than collecting it.

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