Severin Todt

Senior Director IT , Lufthansa Technik

Severin Todt, Senior Director IT at Lufthansa Technik is connecting Planning & Engineering with Workforce & Execution along with Passion for Aviation. Severin and his team develop and establish the digital thread for the Lufthansa Technik Group. Within the central IT of Lufthansa Technik, Severin is responsible for the technology domains Digital Engineering, Technical Documentation, Operational Technology & IoT and Workforce & Quality. With his teams, he designs the end-to-end process from initial design and engineering to the creation, processing and archiving of manufacturing and service documents to digitally supported qualified execution in the shops. As a passionate, dedicated leader and driver of digital transformation, Severin and his team at Lufthansa Technik have established virtual reality (VR) in the design & engineering processes, introduced augmented reality (AR) as an efficient and intuitive tool for production support, established the Competence Center for Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) in the Lufthansa Group and significantly advanced digital job execution in the shops.

Session Track:

Thursday, May 18 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM 205 C

PL1114C - Leveraging Digital Thread for Improved Engineering to Manufacturing to Service Collaboration

Connecting design and engineering with workforce and execution are critical enablers of excellence in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul, and cabin innovation. Lufthansa Technik presents how PTC's solution portfolio enables the implementation of the digital thread from initial requirements management, through design and engineering, to production and beyond sales to aftersales and service.

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