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Stephen Pralle

Application Engineer, EAC Product Development Solutions

Stephen Pralle is an Application Engineer at EAC Product Development Solutions with 5 years experience helping discrete manufacturers optimize their product development process. Specializing in PTC's CAD and PLM solutions, Stephen consults with prospects and clients to help them decrease their product development pains, and meet positive business outcomes and initiatives.

Session Track: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Tuesday, May 16 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM 205 A

CA1179B - Why Model-Based Definition?

Model-based Definition has helped companies across all industries streamline their product development process. In fact, PTC customers using MBD have seen 40% faster document creation, 60% reduction in first article inspection time, and 90% less product non-conformances. During this presentation, I will explain what model-based definition is, why it is beneficial, and how to implement this strategy in your product development process.

Session Track: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Wednesday, May 17 2:45 PM - 3:00 PM IgniteTalX Stage 2

CA1180I - Rapid Prototyping Made Simple with Creo Additive Manufacturing

3D printers have become increasingly more accessible to discrete manufacturers in the recent past. As a result, companies are leveraging rapid prototyping to drive more effective product launches and increase innovation. The Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension helps build the bridge between 3D model and 3D printer. During this session you will discover how Creo AMX, and its automated tools, help users quickly translate their models into physical prototypes.

Session Track: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Thursday, May 18 10:15 AM - 10:30 AM IgniteTalX Stage 2

CA1181I - Simulation Driven Design with Creo Simulation Live

Simulation is often seen as too expensive and time consuming to use in the early stages of design. Creo Simulation Live offers an easy-to-use simulation solution that provides real-time feedback for the user. Utilizing CSL, users can quickly discover how design changes affect their product in application. During this session, you will see the capabilities of CSL, and how you can easily leverage simulation earlier in your design process, saving you time and money on the back end.

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