Steve Postma

Enterprise Architect and Innovation Leader , Sysmex

Steve Postma is the Enterprise Architect and Innovation Leader at Sysmex America, Inc. where he leads initiatives in IoT technology and development. Steve's exceptional vision links technologies to medical device business challenges. These opportunities have led to innovative products, including the first CLIA waved hematology medical device and one of the first mobile medical applications for hospital laboratories. Steve's application solutions have enabled Sysmex to achieve world-class service performance. Steve has been one of the first customer visionaries to understand the power of the ThingWorx platform for enterprise integration. He has been instrumental in defining the platform's features and capabilities. In addition to overseeing Sysmex’s innovation activities, Steve's drive for digital transformation revolves around the effective use of IoT based medical device data. Utilizing his applied statistics background in Six Sigma, he focuses on big data and deep statistical analysis. Prior to joining Sysmex, Steve was active in engineering, R&D, M2M medical device and industrial control platforms for factory floor automation. He has also focused on fly-by-light aerospace sensors and systems, and medical device RFID configuration management. Steve is the primary inventor on several patents in these domains. Steve holds a master's degree in engineering, specializing in electromagnetics and fiber optic communication systems. Steve's other passion revolves around science education for middle school students. He has coordinated a well-known Science Olympiad invitational event attended annually by 500+ students in Northern Illinois. Steve enjoys long nature walks, anytime, day or night, rain or shine, sweltering or freezing with his wife and Australian Shepard.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM 102 B

II1294P - A Connected Business Strategy for Life Sciences: A Panel Discussion with Sysmex and Roche

Manufacturing Life Science companies have been on the leading edge of using data from connected products for better patient outcomes. Predictive maintenance, over-air software updates, and a keen understanding of product usage for design improvement are a few use cases enabled by connectivity. But there are many more use cases! An IoT enablement infrastructure lowers the barriers for future use cases and provides a sustainable operating model. Join a panel of industry expert practitioners to learn about their journey to data-driven business models, and the long-term horizons they see for an interconnected enterprise.

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