Todd Edmunds

Director of Industrial IoT Strategy, Dell Technologies

Todd Edmunds is the Director of Industrial IoT Strategy and Solution Architecture at Dell Technologies where he helps the world’s top manufacturers develop digital manufacturing solutions backed up by the resources and portfolio of the seven strategically aligned companies that make up Dell Technologies. Todd is an industry expert with 20+ years’ experience in industrial IoT and digital transformation having worked for Cisco, Rockwell Automation and built an IoT business for a top solution integrator.

Todd also currently chairs the Edge Computing TG for the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) where he led the recent publication of the “Introduction to Edge Computing in IIoT” whitepaper and is heading up work on a more detailed technical report to be published later this year.

Session Track: PTC Product Day

Times for this session to be announced soon

PD1527B - Beyond the PoC: 4 Rules for a Scalable, Repeatable IIoT Infrastructure

Most IIoT and digital transformation initiatives for today’s manufacturers do not get past the proof-of-concept stage. This is typically due to the “accidental architecture” that develops in plants that is unable to support and scale the solution. Following these four rules for a repeatable and scalable IIoT infrastructure will help eliminate the bottleneck and pave the way to a next-generation, future-proof smart factory.

1. Distributed Edge Compute is a requirement for extracting, reducing, and analyzing data locally and to run AR/VR workloads on the plant floor
2. Software Defined Compute, Connectivity and Networking is essential to easily share data between OT and IT systems - “firewall everything” is no longer practical.
3. Embrace Choice - standard components and open architectures enable a common infrastructure design to accelerate IIoT deployments at scale, across the globe.
4. A Modern Storage Infrastructure is Critical as workloads like video, analytics, AI/ML, and AR/VR all require increasing data volumes.

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