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Todd Kraft

Product Manager, CAD Product Management, PTC

Todd Kraft is a Product Manager in the CAD Segment at PTC. Mr. Kraft leads PTC's Simulation Products including Creo Simulate, Creo Flow Analysis, Creo Topology Optimization and the Ansys partnership products.

Mr. Kraft joined PTC in 1996 as an Application Engineer. He has worked in a variety of roles through the years for pre-sales, consulting, training and sales resource.

Mr. Kraft took a short 4 - year break from PTC working as a channel technical resource. He developed additional skills in data management and simulation during this time before returning to PTC.

Mr. Kraft earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.

Session Track: CAD

Tuesday, June 9 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM LiveWorx Virtual On Demand

CA1453R - Simulation Roadmap and the Future of Simulation-driven Design

Come learn about the latest developments for Creo Simulation products and what the simulation roadmap looks like. The product manager for all things simulation at PTC, Todd Kraft will talk about the partnership products with ANSYS, CFD simulation capabilities. He'll also provide many examples of how you can use the powerful integrated PTC Simulation solutions for your product development.

Session Track: CAD

Tuesday, June 9 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM On-Demand Library

CA1798B - Ansys and PTC: Simulation-Driven Design

Learn about the strategic partnership between Ansys and PTC and how it brings the power of gold-standard simulation to the Design Engineer. The joint Ansys-PTC teams will discuss the Creo-Ansys roadmap, beginning with Creo Simulation Live, which embeds Ansys Discovery technology within the Creo design workflow for high-speed and instantaneous feedback. The teams will then focus on Creo Ansys Simulation, which will introduce higher-fidelity Ansys simulation solvers within Creo.

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