Todd Liebenow

Sr. Application Engineer , EAC PDS

Technology specialist, focused on the product development process. Broad and deep background in PTC's technology. Emphasis on understanding the current state of your process, identifying challenges, and finding solutions. Todd has over 26 years experience with PTC's tools including Creo Parametric, Windchill, Vuforia, and Thingworx.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 8:15 AM - 8:30 AM IgniteTalX Stage 1

AR1843I - AR and Expert Capture: How Easy it Can Really Be to Get Strong ROI

Knowledge capture and reuse across an organization are critical as digital transformation accelerates. Workplace automation means humans will work alongside smart machines. One result is that current staff will need updated training for a new set of skills. Technology can automate many processes, but humans will still be required for some aspects of certain processes. Training will certainly be required in those instances. Workforce aging is another critical consideration. The population is aging faster than ever before. The current workforce has knowledge that needs to be captured and leveraged. Capturing, standardizing, and sharing this knowledge across the organization will improve efficiency, speed up the onboarding of new employees, and maintain higher levels of quality.

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