Vinod Arekar

Fellow, A&D Solutions, PTC

Vinod Arekar is a service supply chain expert, with keen interest in inventory optimization and service simulation. As a Fellow, Vinod leads strategic initiatives at PTC and oversees several accounts to ensure customer success. Vinod has brought service simulation to PTC, which complements the service lifecycle management offering and empowers customers to make their inventory work for them.

Session Details

Monday, June 18 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM 210 C

s624 - Serving Equipment Availability: Because That’s What Matters!

A service parts supply chain is about providing parts to your customer when they need them. The supply chain is typically optimized to meet a simple service metric of how often you have the parts in stock. However, your customer’s business depends on the uptime of their equipment. Availability of parts and equipment are two fundamentally different metrics, and what you need to stock in your supply chain depends on which paradigm you adopt. The holistic system-centric view of equipment availability is not only aligned with real business needs, it opens new ways to offer products as service and promotes reliability improvements.

What does it mean to optimize your service parts supply chain to equipment availability? Does it model a real-life problem? Is it too complex? In this session, industry experts and practitioners will explain the importance of equipment availability, and how to use the optimization and simulation capabilities to get closer to your customers in real life.

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