As a technology strategy and architecture specialist, you help organizations develop the strategies and implement the systems that build business value and drive performance. You’re evaluating Industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms and multiple vendor solutions to make overall technology selections. Your top-of-mind concerns likely include threat analysis and assessment of potential and current information security risks, data protection, and helping your team operate at maximum efficiency when dealing with rapid changes. Attending LiveWorx will give you the tools you need to evaluate various technologies through hands-on demos and one-on-one meetings with industry experts, discover end-to-end IIoT solutions and optimize your business processes.

Topics Covered

  • AR Cloud
  • AR & Connectivity with ​IoT, Business Systems and/or the Internet
  • Connected Processes, Systems & Workforce
  • Edge & Connectivity
  • Future of AR
  • Industrial IoT Platform
  • SaaS
  • Smart Connected Products
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Spatial Computing