As a PLM Administrator, you regularly face tight deadlines, changing priorities and insufficient resources. You’re finding that smart, connected products are becoming the norm, which means the data generated throughout the product’s lifecycle no longer stops being useful once the product has shipped. Now, with IoT technology, the PLM process begins with the digitalization of product data across a system of systems, and continues out into the field, where stakeholders in the product’s lifecycle gain visibility into how the product is performing and being used by its customers. LiveWorx offers valuable information on how to harness the power of new technologies to become data-driven, improve your processes and launch higher quality products on-time and on-budget.

Topics Covered

  • Collaboration with Service/ Aftermarket
  • Collaboration with Supply Chain
  • Enterprise-wide Collaboration
  • Green PLM
  • Manufacturing Simulation
  • Platform Architecture
  • Quality, Regulatory, and Compliance
  • Windchill+ and SaaS Transition