As a supply chain leader within your organization, you’re responsible for driving quality and efficiency within your manufacturing processes. But you face significant challenges: constant change, strict regulations, macroeconomic trends, and even global pandemics. Now more than ever you need to rely on digital technology that keeps you connected with your workforce, empowers you to create rapid change- whether to your products or processes, and creates opportunity to drive efficiency. LiveWorx is the premier technology event for supply chain leaders and other executives looking for practical use cases and tactics to help them maximize ROI and reach operational excellence.

Topics Covered

  • Assembly & Inspection
  • Compliance & Regulatory Oversight
  • Connected Processes, Systems & Workforce
  • Digital Product Traceability
  • Health, Safety, Environmental
  • Industry 4.0/ Smart Manufacturing
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Supply Chain Collaboration & Fulfillment
  • Smart Connected Products