Service Symposium

Service Lifecycle Management Fortifies the Digital Thread

The World’s Largest and Most Respected Service Symposium


May 15-18, 2023


Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

415 Summer St., Boston, MA



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About the symposium

Join us at LiveWorx for the Service Symposium as we celebrate modern innovations in service lifecycle management tuned to strengthen the digital thread and achieve next-level outcomes.

Effective service is good for business capable of making more than $12 for every $1 in equipment sales – and generating significant profit. It’s also the greatest indicator of repeat purchases and critical to building brand loyalty. But effective service is not simple or automatic.

Today’s face-paced experience economy has customers demanding so much more from manufacturers. Customers don’t just want products, they want outcomes, experiences, and only the best service will suffice.

The Service Symposium at LiveWorx is the largest gathering of service practitioners, strategists, and subject matter experts worldwide, with an agenda anchored in best practices and interactive knowledge exchange. End-user practitioners, managers, and executives will all find inspiration in discussing these topics: Field Service Management, Service Parts Management, Technical Content Authoring and Delivery, Warranty and Contract Management, Product-as-a-Service Innovation, Performance-based Logistics and SLAs, Impact of AI/ML/Advanced Data Science, and more.

To attend the Service Symposium at LiveWorx, please complete your LiveWorx registration through the registration portal. We look forward to seeing you there.

2023 Speakers

Neil Barua

President, Service Lifecycle Management, PTC

Gordon Benzie

Director, Analyst Relations & Market Intelligence, ServiceMax, a PTC Technology

Sara Cerruti

Senior Director, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax, a PTC Technology

Steve Dertien


Sumair Dutta

VP Product Marketing, ServiceMax, a PTC Technology

Jim Heppelmann - Keynote Speaker

President & CEO, PTC

Amit Jain

Chief Product Manager, ServiceMax, a PTC Technology

Joseph June

SVP of Product Management, ServiceMax, a PTC Technology

Shiva Kashalkar

Vice President, Product Management Industrial Metaverse, PTC

Leslie Paulson

General Manager of the Servigistics Business Unit, PTC

Wendy Tai

Senior Manager Product Marketing, ServiceMax

Mark Wilding

Vice President, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax, a PTC Technology

2023 Agenda

Monday, May 15 - 1:20pm - 1:50pm

Powerful Digital Threads Deliver Peak Service Outcomes

Leslie Paulson, General Manager, Servigistics Business Unit

With the rapid rise of AI, ML, and Big Data, exponential growth in computing power, paired with the experience economy, product-as-a-service, sustainability, and servitization, technology is dramatically changing the products we buy and how we deliver and experience service. It is a challenging and rewarding opportunity. Organizations that manage aftermarket service well experience higher service revenue, greater profit margins, soaring customer satisfaction, and operate far more sustainably. PTC’s Servigistics, Arbortext, and iWarranty deliver high-value service data strengthening the digital thread. In this session, Leslie Paulson and guests will dissect the opportunities available today and chart the near and far-term trajectories to help OEMs position themselves for continued success.

Monday, May 15 - 2:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Boeing: Service Parts Optimization and Digital Thread

Scott McKelvey, Program Manager, Boeing Global Services and Dean Herdt, Director, Service Supply Chain Practice, Capgemini

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space, and security systems, as well as a leading provider of aftermarket support. One of the key tenets of Boeing’s long-held industry success is service. Boeing Global Services (BGS), a dedicated service business, focuses on the aftermarket needs of global defense, space, and commercial customers.

During this session, Scott McKelvey, Program Manager, Boeing Global Services, and Dean Herdt, Director, Service Supply Chain Practice at Capgemini, will discuss how Servigistics, a global enterprise standard for service parts optimization, improves bottom-line business results, customer outcomes, and strengthens the digital thread across the enterprise.

Monday, May 15 - 3:10 PM - 3:40 PM

Benefits of the Digital Thread for Service

Nina Pathy, EPLM Aftersales Director, AGCO and Gil Shroitman, Senior Product Manager for Arbortext, PTC

A digital thread creates a closed loop between the digital and physical worlds, transforming how products are engineered, manufactured, and serviced. In this session, you will learn how Arbortext, PTC's industry-leading Technical Information Management and Delivery solution, strengthens the digital thread by creating a single flow of data and resources that will enable the linking of content all the way out to someone in the field. For example, starting from the source in engineering CAD data or bill of materials (BOM), as that information flows through the business process, it will be available to those creating technical information or service content.

Monday, May 15 - 4:05 PM - 4:35 PM

ServiceMax Innovation to Empower Critical Service Workers

Gabriele Bodda, VP of Product Management, ServiceMax, a PTC Technology

Service organizations today need to effectively deliver on customer expectations while contributing bto the bottom-line. Effective service execution can only be accomplished when all stakeholders are connected and working in unison to understand customer requirements and deliver the necessary solutions. ServiceMax’s powerful connected worker tools work Better Together and deliver a collaborative experience that unifies critical stakeholders in delivering the best customer and business outcomes. These user-centric applications are strengthened by powerful work execution engines and digital automation capabilities to ensure the highest level of efficiency, the most effective path to resolution, and the most complete customer experience. Uncover the true power of the ServiceMax platform.

Tuesday, May 16 - 11:15 AM – 11: 45 AM

A New Vision for Service

Neil Barua, President of Service Lifecycle Management, PTC

Service plays a central role in renewing and expanding customer relationships to support business growth. Service leaders are often the first to encounter increasing product and service demands from customers while dealing with an ever-diminishing stack of resources. The pressure has never been higher to extend the reach of the service organization while increasing contribution to margins. The best service leaders are addressing this by coupling customer knowledge with a better understanding of the underlying assets that are essential to them. This keynote will unveil PTC’s unparalleled vision for Service Lifecycle Management based on the most complete view of the physical asset. With guest presenters and success stories, we will outline key innovation areas in SLM that will strengthen the digital thread and accelerate business outcomes.

Tuesday, May 16 - 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Cisco System's Service Supply Chain Planning: A Transformational Journey

Richard Vaillancourt, Program Manager/ Product Owner, Cisco Systems

In March of 2020, Cisco began a journey with PTC to transform their Service Supply Chain. Cisco had been using Xelus for over 20 years and proposed an aggressive timeline (one year) to move their global operation to Servigistics Service Parts Management in the cloud. Through close collaboration with PTC, Cisco IT, and Cisco Planning, Cisco met all its milestones and moved to Servigistics in November of 2021 as planned. This presentation will showcase that journey and how it was accomplished during an incredibly challenging time. In addition, Cisco will share how the journey has continued since the implementation and share the outcome of modernizing the technology to improve productivity and reduce inventory while improving uptime, and customer satisfaction.

Tuesday, May 16 – 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ServiceMax Customer User Group Part I

By invitation only

Tuesday, May 16 - 1:55 PM - 2:25 PM

Best Practices to Optimize Translation Management for Serviceability

Moderator: Patti Lutsky, Product Management Senior Director, PTC; Panelists: Andrew Pieper, ETS Information Architect, Toro, Deb Williams, Arbortext Global Sales Director, PTC, Yogesh Bajpai, PLM Practice Lead, HCL Technologies

If you spend a large budget on translations, we'll show you how to reduce that by 40%. Unique to PTC, Translation Management is included with the Windchill Service Parts Information and Instructions add-on, enabling companies to leverage their engineering and manufacturing product data to create high-quality spare parts information. When used with the XBOM Management add-on, it facilitates the creation, management, and delivery of the most up-to-date, accurate, and relevant spare parts service information in the form of a Service Bill of Material (sBOM) and associated part relationships including graphical representations. The Windchill Service Parts Information and Instructions add-on defines spare parts information for every product configuration and enables the automated delivery of graphical parts information throughout the product’s serviceable lifecycle.

Tuesday, May 16 - 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM

Transform your Supplier Recovery

Madhu Kunam, Sr. Director, iWarranty & SKD, PTC

How do you create, automate and/ or transform your supplier recovery processes? What we have found is that many manufacturers recover only a small percentage of warranty expenses incurred from defective supplier components, leaving you as the manufacturer to take on that cost. In a world that just continues to drive escalating costs, more of that liability will need to be covered. This leads to a higher warranty provision needing to be set aside. You can achieve this by implementing effective Supplier recovery.

Tuesday, May 16 - 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM

ServiceMax Asset Data + PLM: Connecting the Digital Thread

Joseph June, SVP, Product Management, PTC

Digital content augments the planning and execution of service activities in support of the physical asset. The Service Bill of Materials such as work instructions, parts lists, and more can help service stakeholders in resolving service issues effectively. There is also incredible untapped value in bringing asset and service data back to the digital realm. Design for serviceability, outcome-based services, and service profitability can only be achieved once the physical to digital link has been established and informed with live data. This allows product teams to truly tap into problem areas that impede downstream execution while intelligently accelerating new product development. Hear how ServiceMax’s asset-centric service solutions can help organizations enhance their product development and open new avenues for profitability.

Wednesday, May 17 - 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Enable Field Service Feedback and Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Moderator: Pushpinder Toor, Arbortext, General Manager VP, PTC; Panelists: Dominic Dsouza, Senior Director ITC InfoTech, Vi Kellersohn, VP Marketing, Oberon, Reynold DeChant, Manager, Technical Publications, Steris

Critical to providing the most accurate product and service information is the ability to gather input from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across the enterprise, straight from the field. From engineering and product development to field service, legal, and marketing, the input of SMEs is critical to provide the most up-to-date and accurate product and service information. We are making it easier for SMEs to provide content and feedback to the Technical Documentation teams. Arbortext Web Editor and Reviewer help streamline the documentation production process to provide intelligent content that can be easily shared and reused across Product and Service documentation, support, and online resource sites.

Wednesday, May 17 – 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM

ServiceMax Customer User Group Part II

By invitation only

Wednesday, May 17 - 11:10 AM - 11:40 AM

Arbortext Service Content Delivery in an Augmented Reality-Connected World

Moderator: Rob Bannerman, Arbortext Business Development & Sales, PTC; Panelists: Amit Deshpande, ITC Infotech, Anil Pandit, Steris Corporation, Brad Goldberg, Sr. Technical Writer, Toro, Amber Wright, Product Management Lead for Vuforia Studio, PTC

In today's smart connected world, service data is robust and can enable OEMs to delight customers at a grand scale. PTC does this through the digital thread where Arbortext empowers creating, managing, and delivering technical content. ThingWorx gathers the service data from smart connected products and delivers relevant insights into product usage and operation. And Vuforia provides interactive experiences, guidance, step-by-step instructions, and more. How can OEMs harness this data and information, and what are some leading strategies? This panel will discuss how Arbortext, Vuforia, ThingWorx, and other technologies coalesce and empower organizations to delight customers, including system integrator steps to success.

Wednesday, May 17 - 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Service Lifecycle Management and Sustainability

When a customer exclaims, “we need this part or this asset fixed RIGHT NOW and can’t complete our project without it,” OEMs spring into action! When OEMs need to keep the client operational, it often means getting critical service parts and knowledgeable field service experts on the next flight, truck, or train. The total cost can be high when considering fuel consumption, transportation costs, person-hours, warehousing costs, and more. Still, with customer commitments (SLAs), the penalties for downtime can be even higher. How can OEMs use best-in-class service parts and lifecycle management technology to simultaneously improve the top-line and bottom-line performance AND contribute to corporate sustainability initiatives?

Wednesday, May 17 - 1:55 PM - 2:25 PM

Asset-Centricity Expanded: Enabling Digital Transformation Across the Asset Lifecycle

Gordon Benzie, Industry Analyst Relations and Market Intelligence Director, PTC, Mark Wilding, Vice President, Global Customer Transformation, PTC, Matthew Littlefield, Co-founder, President, and Research Lead at LNS Research

Manufacturers and service providers of high-value, complex equipment require better visibility to asset data. These insights can drive greater efficiency and improve decision support to maximize revenue. An asset-centric approach to service management means providing the necessary support, insights, and knowledge to ensure highly complex equipment operates at full capacity. But the benefit doesn’t end there. A truly asset-centric approach be leveraged to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives to the next level. Hear how PTC's acquisition of ServiceMax has unlocked new potential attached to an asset-centric approach that connects service with product design and delivers a truly complete view of the asset lifecycle.

Wednesday, May 17 - 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM

Using Arbortext and Windchill to Store and Find Information Sets

Charles Angione, CTO, GPSL Inc.

This presentation addresses the challenges and solutions in supporting multiple content standards in Windchill such as S1000D, ATA Spec 1000BR, MIL-STD-40051, and DITA using Service Information Manager to collect and store the required information sets for operations, maintenance, and training content.

Thursday, May 18 - 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM

The Future of Service: A Remote-First vision powered by ServiceMax

Gabriele Bodda, Vice President Product Management, Wendy Tai, Senior Manager Product Marketing, PTC

With IoT and Service execution working together, organizations can truly drive toward a remote-first future for their service businesses. While this impacts cost and efficiency, it also enables the service organization to sell and deliver on performance-based commitments. This delivers greater value to customers and generates increased profitability. Hear how ServiceMax is bringing rich IoT-enabled capabilities forward within its powerful service execution solution to offer service organizations a blueprint for future service success.

Thursday, May 18 - 11:05 AM - 11:35 AM

Industrial Metaverse: Changing the Future of Manufacturing and Service

Steve Dertien, CTO, PTC, Helmut Draxler, Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO), Burckhardt Compression Group, Shiva Kashalkar, Vice President, Product Management Industrial Metaverse, PTC, and Paul Miller, Vice-President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that explores how the Industrial Metaverse and Spatial Computing will transform the future of field service and manufacturing operations.

Burckhardt Compression will share their first-hand experience with PTC’s Project Mercury and their vision of how Industrial Metaverse will help them address previously unsolvable challenges in field service. Hear the ways in which this technology is poised to helps transform business processes, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and drives innovation.

Drawing on their deep understanding of the technology landscape, Forrester will provide insight into how the Industrial Metaverse is expected to evolve the future of industrial manufacturing companies and their operations.

Thursday, May 18 - 11:05 AM - 11:35 AM

How to Mitigate the Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions and Restore Normalcy

Vinod Arekar, VP, Business Development & Strategy, PTC

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on supply chains worldwide across all industries, and brought the supply chain performance discussions from supply chain executive offices to mainstream media. The wake-up call to be agile and mitigate the impact of disruption has outlived the pandemic and is now recognized as a must-have for the foreseeable future.

In this session, we will discuss how to evaluate, analyze and mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions. We will review a case study of how Monte Carlo simulations were used to overcome a COVID-caused supplier disruption and enable a turnaround. As supplier performance issues are perennial mini-disruptions, we will also present an innovative approach to collaborate with suppliers for continuous improvement.

Agenda is subject to change.

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