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Technology For Those Who Want to Make An Impact

From efficiency and safety, to new business models and sustainability, digital transformation is no longer something you need to do, it is something that is already changing the world for the better.

How you measure the impact of your digital transformation initiatives matters. Calculating savings, following efficiencies throughout the value chain, capturing workforce productivity, and enabling better patient health—are just a few of the ways you can quantify the improvements new technology delivers.

Push forward with LiveWorx. The conference that helps you to innovate at scale with the real goal in mind: transformation that helps drive outcomes.

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Humans + Machines

How Work Gets Done

Getting to an Augmented Workforce requires new strategies, a strategic roadmap and bold experimentation – as well as a culture ready to embrace change.

Move forward with LiveWorx. An event that demonstrates how people are complemented by technology rather than replaced by it – where workers and machines unite to make and manage what’s next!

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Learn New Ways to Work in Xtropolis

Xtropolis, our 200,000 sq. ft. exhibit hall, is designed to show you new ways to work. Its focus is on how businesses use technology to transform the way we design products, run factories, and arm the next generation of digitally empowered workers in the field.

Visit Xtropolis

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What Makes LiveWorx Unique?

Elevating Human Potential

LiveWorx provides a holistic technology experience coupled with convenience: You'll find the eight most essential technologies all under one roof. Only here can you begin to test these technologies via multi-vendor demonstrations, learning how the interrelationships between them impact your industry and business model, and validate how pairing technologies can naturally enhance value – such as AR + IIoT.

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Change How You Work