Sustainability is becoming a bigger priority for consumers, employees, and investors, creating urgency for businesses to shift towards a circular economy while reducing the impact that physical products, operations, and supply chains have on the environment. Why are manufacturers prioritizing environmental sustainability?

20% of global CO2 emissions come from manufacturing and production sectors (World Economic Forum)

54% of global energy consumption is by manufacturing production sectors (World Economic Forum)

99% of manufacturing CXOs say environmental programs drive long-term value (McKinsey)

PTC LiveWorx brings you the latest technology solutions you need to deliver sustainable innovation across the product lifecycle while staying ahead of environmental regulations and consumer demands. Join us to learn how your business can design more sustainable products, minimize excessive energy consumption and other forms of waste during production, and reduce emissions associated with aftermarket service operations.

Topics Covered

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Agile Product Development
  • Asset Optimization & Analytics in the Factory
  • Augmented Work Instructions
  • Compliance & Regulatory Oversight
  • Component & Supplier Management
  • Digital Product Creation
  • Engineering Innovation
  • Generative Design
  • Health, Safety, Environmental
  • Remote Assistance
  • Safety & Compliance
  • SaaS/ Cloud
  • Service Parts Management
  • Supply Chain Collaboration & Fulfillment
  • Sustainability
  • Workforce of the Future