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An autonomous vehicle needs to be trained to recognize its surroundings.

That calls for Data. And lots of it, as a self-driving car "learns" about its environment.

The need to recognize nearby cyclists and pedestrians, however, means that automotive engineers potentially have access to petabytes of faces and license plates.

How is personal information protected on an autonomous car's data-collection course?

In a live Tech Briefs presentation this week titled Data-Driven Development and Breakthroughs for New Mobility Technologies, a reader had a question for the co-founder of a company that supplies training and validation data for autonomous vehicles:

"What data privacy safeguards need to be integrated as data increases within automated vehicles?

Recently, in 2018, the E.U. discussed modern vehicles as a mobile device, and how that data belongs to the vehicle owners. If data-privacy regulations, like the E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulations , requires client consent for data use, how can this fit with modern A.I. vehicles?”

Read the edited response from Philip Kessler, CTO of, based in San Jose, CA.

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