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AI represents the next step in service transformation. It’s a hotter topic now than IoT. Indeed, many companies have already been hard at work for months if not years in putting together an AI program. The work has been tedious, lengthy and expensive. Man years have been spent:

  • Pulling historical data together
  • Optimizing it (defining, organizing, eliminating null sets, cleaning things up)
  • Loading it into a data warehouse

Once this multi-year exercise has been completed, these companies then go about the process of:

  • Hiring data scientist(s)
  • Having the scientists look through the data and identify trends

This takes at least another year before any kind of meaningful results emerge. And mostly what they’re after is the ability to look at their products’ performance in the field and try to establish some predictive models around the data. The goal is to be able to look at a machine’s performance and be able to predict failure.

The price? 3 years and $3,000,000. Just a guess, but I bet I’m close.

This is the hard way. And until recently, it’s been the only way. 

RevTwo has developed an AI solution that utilizes product data at the time of the support event, combined with visual and tactile observations, to provide solutions or guidance towards a solution, usually within minutes. As RevTwo AI gets exposed to more service events, it gets smarter and smarter and more capable of dealing with a growing variety of machines and use cases. And this expertise becomes available to your entire service and support organization, in effect making everyone individually as knowledgeable as the collective team.

By the way, RevTwo was started by the same group who started the company with the first IoT platform – Axeda. We grew that company to more than 200 customers, and the technology is reliable and still largely in use today.

So we’ve proven that we can build solutions that work and scale.

Here are some examples of the challenges RevTwo AI is helping customers with:

Field Service

  • Experienced FSEs are retiring, taking years of knowledge with them
  • You have to download and send log files back and forth
  • Different FSEs fix the same problem different ways
  • High number of “No Problem Found” service calls
  • Parts are needlessly replaced
  • As product complexity increases, the demands on the FSE increase and the number of SME’s is shrinking

Call Center

  • Call center agents spend valuable time simply trying to understand the status of the device
  • Many calls are for issues your customers could have fixed
  • Calls are escalated when they don’t have to be

RevTwo can even help with agent retention. See one of our recent posts where we talk about how. 

All of this can be done without spending all that time with the data. Without an expensive data scientist. Without spending 3 years and $3 million. And this solution is available today. 

Join the service transformation movement and reach your goals quickly. Don’t do it the hard way.  Check us out at

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