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DxP Services excels in implementing and adopting PTC Digital Thread solutions, providing comprehensive services for Product Lifecycle Management transformation. Their expertise in consulting, implementation, deployment, migration, and SaaS conversion ensures businesses unlock value through digital transformation.

In the rapidly evolving world of digital manufacturing, companies need a reliable partner to navigate the complexities of implementing and adopting PTC Digital Thread solutions. DxP Services, ITC Infotech's specialized business unit, is the ultimate partner, providing a comprehensive range of services across consulting, implementation, deployment, migration, and SaaS conversion. With a proven track record, exceptional expertise, and a strong commitment to delivering value, DxP Services is the premier choice for businesses seeking to transform their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes and adopt next-generation cloud and SaaS solutions.

The DxP Services Advantage:

  • Vision: DxP Services is focused on unleashing business value by leading the adoption of Digital Manufacturing and NextGen SaaS for the Industrial segment.
  • Expertise: Boasting strong leadership and an elite team of PLM consultants and practitioners, DxP Services has the experience and knowledge to implement PTC's Windchill solutions globally and support SaaS implementation for PTC Windchill+™ solutions.
  • Digital Manufacturing Pioneers: DxP Services partners with clients to blueprint, implement, and optimize Windchill® solutions, helping businesses transition from highly customized on-premises implementations to next-generation cloud and SaaS solutions.
  • Industry Versatility: Serving a diverse range of industries including automotive, aerospace and defense, transportation, industrial machinery, electronics and high-tech, medical devices, and retail footwear and apparel.
  • Comprehensive PLM Support: As an end-to-end PLM partner, DxP Services offers comprehensive support throughout the PLM journey, including strategic roadmap creation, tailored solution design and deployment, seamless large-scale implementation, employee training, system integration and migration, performance optimization and security, and ongoing application support.

Product Solutions Offered by DxP Services:

The DxP Services portfolio covers the entire PLM implementation and deployment cycle, providing tailored solutions for various industries. The main categories of services include:

  1. Advisory: DxP Services guides clients in structuring their PLM initiatives, helping them maximize business impact and prioritize high-benefit processes.
  2. Implementation: Focusing on application lifecycle management, engineering, manufacturing, and service, DxP Services offers comprehensive support for change and configuration management as well as options and variants.
  3. Optimization: DxP Services ensures optimal performance through application maintenance, DevOps and Test Factory, and upgrade and migration services. Additionally, they assist in learning and adoption for seamless integration.
  4. Differentiating Offers: DxP Services provides unique solutions such as Value Ready Deployments, Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Navigate Apps Catalog (PLM add-ons), and SaaS Conversion (from Windchill to Windchill+).

Industry-specific Solutions:

DxP Services offers industry-specific solutions such as Value Ready Deployment (VRD) and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) to cater to the unique needs of businesses across different sectors.

  1. Value Ready Deployment (VRD): A prescriptive approach designed to simplify solution implementation, VRD leverages DxP Services' unmatched expertise in Windchill configuration, focusing on out-of-the-box configuration and user adoption.
  2. Logistic Support Analysis (LSA): Specifically designed for the aerospace and defense industries, LSA is a structured approach to increasing maintenance efficiency and reducing support costs through preplanned integrated logistics support.

SaaS Conversion – Seamless Transition to Windchill+:

DxP Services plays a vital role in the transition from Windchill to Windchill+ (PTC SaaS), ensuring consistency and accuracy in SaaS conversion projects. As PTC's service extension, DxP Services accelerates the adoption of PTC's next-generation PLM solutions through their involvement in the 3-step approach: Assess, Convert, and Operate.

Case Study: Transforming a Leading Motor Racing Team's PLM Systems with DxP Services

A leading motor racing team faced challenges with their on-premise systems, which were highly customized and involved 700 users. Many old customizations were obsolete or had been superseded by Windchill's OOTB functionality. DxP Services implemented a comprehensive solution, upgrading the team's systems to the latest supported Windchill and ThingWorx versions. As a result, the racing team now benefits from an up-to-date, streamlined PLM system that enables faster access to critical information for their teams worldwide.

DxP Services boasts a team of highly qualified and certified professionals, ensuring that their clients receive best-in-class expertise on solutions, customers, people, and accelerators.


As the ultimate partner for PTC Digital Thread solutions, DxP Services offers unparalleled expertise, a comprehensive portfolio of services, and a commitment to ensuring value realization from digital transformation. If your business is looking to adopt or optimize PTC's Windchill solutions, DxP Services is the partner you can trust to achieve your desired outcomes.

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