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LiveWorx 19 featured new technologies impacting security and privacy, advanced analytics, machine learning, IT infrastructure and cloud computing, among others. Below are links to PDFs for some of the top sessions from the IIoT & Smart Connected Products educational track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx 19 Content Archive, featuring over 200 session pdfs and videos in 18 different tracks and specialized content areas.

End-to-End IoT Security: A Safer Internet of Things

Brian Geisel, CEO, Geisel Software, Inc.

Today, it seems everyone is talking about security in the IoT. As the diversity and number of IoT devices continue to increase, the threats to IoT systems are changing and growing even faster. For security to be effective, you're going to need real, practical end-to-end solutions to protect your devices and network.    In this session, the presenter will discuss common security pitfalls in the Internet of Things and how to protect your entire IoT environment from end-to-end. Specifically the presentation will focus on security myths: understanding the risks, how to protect your IoT network against infiltration, defending your web services in the cloud, architecting "security from the start", and keeping the fleet safe, now and forever.

Edge 2.0: Next Generation IIoT Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Antony Coufal, Chief Technical Officer, IIoT-Oxys Corp.

Today, collecting and monitoring sensor data is no longer enough to have highly efficient operations or meet advanced methodologies like Industry 4.0. To achieve these goals, larger and more specific data must be collected and analyzed with advanced methods like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Across all industries, Edge 2.0 is starting to provide actionable, mission critical insights including Failure Predictors, Intelligent Maintenance, Process Optimization, and Logistical Planning to name a few. And, looking forward, we expect to see more development of domain and process-specific AI, refinement of highly efficient algorithms and the introduction of faster purpose-specific hardware. This will result in more of a shift towards data collection and analysis on the edge as well as more in-depth insights generated faster. Attend this session to hear about the current and future state of ML and AI.

Enhancing Remote Service with the Power of IIoT Data

Wendy MacNaughton, Sr. Software Engineer, Varian Medical Systems

Varian Medical Systems is a long time Axeda customer who invested in ThingWorx. However, due to existing Axeda edge implementations, worldwide deployment over the years, and existing Axeda capabilities and features used in our everyday service support organization, switching to ThingWorx completely faces a lot of challenges. So, the company decided to continue using Axeda platform and adapt ThingWorx in different phases. The company has successfully implemented the first phase of the adaption. This phase utilizes data from Axeda agents to build app in ThingWorx and integrate ThingWorx with Salesforce platforms for a unified case/dispatch management workflow to enhance the value of its remote service solution. The solution also provides right information at the right time with one stop shopping user experience for service support, which allows the company to ensure higher levels of customer service and satisfaction. This session focuses in why the adoption path was chosen and how it’s implemented.

Data Driven Advantage - The Enterprise Value of the Digital Twin

William Milligan, Solutions Development Lead, Howden

Colfax has embraced the notion of digital transformation, making the digital twin the centerpiece of Howden's rotating equipment product portfolio sales, marketing, and development efforts. This session describes the strategy and programs put in place to differentiate the Howden product line from its competitors.

Deploying IoT & Predictive Analytics to Improve System Reliability & Performance

Aric Zurek, Director - Aftermarket Products & Services, Flowserve

Flowserve manufactures and services fluid control solutions for the world's toughest, most critical applications. In business for over 225 years, the company is once again transforming how the flow control industry ensures uptime for critical assets. In this session we will explore how Flowserve delivers value to a broad range of industries by monitoring utilization, uptime and performance of critical processes. We will explore the solution and describe the critical role of IOT & predictive analytics in its development, and touch on future plans.

These are just some of the sessions from the IIoT & Smart Connected Products Track. Be sure to visit the LiveWorx 19 Archive to see all of them.

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