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LiveWorx 19 provided an excellent opportunity for service professionals to learn from their peers, with sessions featuring topics like: predicting product issues to prevent downtime and maximize availability; ensuring your parts supply chain can deliver materials to the right place, at the right time, and at the lowest cost; utilizing remote service capabilities to minimize on-site visits and efficiently create, manage and deliver accurate, up-to-date, digital service content. Below are links to PDFs for some of the top sessions from the Service Transformation Track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx 19 Content Archive, featuring over 200 session pdfs and videos in 18 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Keynote: Delight Your Customers with Optimized Service Delivery

Marne Martin, President Service Management Business Unit of IFS / CEO of WorkWave, IFS Leslie Paulson, General Manager, Servigistics, PTC David Williams, Principal, Capgemini

In today’s fast-paced experience economy, customer expectations are soaring. There is no margin for error! Only the best service experience will suffice to delight your customers. To profitably deliver world-class service requires commitment, ambition, and investment. To maximize your investments, you must ensure service parts availability. During this keynote, Leslie Paulson will explore several innovative service milestone achievements and suggest the areas ripe for the next wave of innovation & disruption due to digital transformation. She will be joined by subject matter experts, innovative industry leaders, and analysts who have a keen eye trained on what’s happening now with guidance to capitalize on future innovations.

Pushing the Service Envelope with Predictive Analytics

Amol Adgaonkar, Director, Business Strategy, Microsoft Dr. Andrea Lobo, CEO, SimAcumen Vinod Arekar, Fellow, Strategic Initiatives, PTC

The advent of IoT technology and advancements in machine learning have brought Predictive Analytics from academia to the real world. Failure Prediction is a primary use case for Predictive Analytics, which aims to reduce machine downtime for the customer. Can it also help the OEM? In this session, we will discuss how Predictive Analytics can be leveraged as part of a digital transformation strategy creating win-win for both customer as well as the OEM.

Service Disruption Demands Innovation and New Value Proposition in Service Life-Cycle Management

Aly Pinder Jr., Program Director, Service Innovation & Connected Products, IDC

Manufacturers and service organizations are at a critical moment of disruption and transition. Business-to-business (B2B) customers are demanding more consumer-like experiences and better visibility into the service experience than ever before. In this session, learn how manufacturers and service organizations are leveraging technology to transform service life-cycle management (SLM) and deliver enhanced experiences through service parts management (SPM).

Leveraging Existing Technical Publication Content in an AR World

Mike Simon, Director, Information Services, EAC and Chris Woerther, Director, Customer Success, EAC

Organizations are eager to take advantage of technological advances in Augmented Reality (AR) and head-mounted displays. But they want to leverage the technical content they've built up over time. We'll show you two ways to marry classical tech pubs with these new technologies. The first approach shows a system that automatically pulls content from a repository, in its original source, and formats it on the fly for a head-mounted display, such as Vuzix or Realwear. It requires minimal labor to make legacy content available in a hands-free, voice-driven system for just-in-time reference in the shop or field. The second approach will show how Creo Illustrate can be used to create life-like, 3D animations to demonstrate service or maintenance procedures via Augmented Reality. With our system, animation sequences can be easily synced with the text elements of existing service procedure documents to produce rich AR experiences to guide technicians through complex tasks.

Keeping Pace with Technology: Succeeding with Service Parts Management

Sanjay Jagdale, Founding Partner, Servizzio and Traci White, Founding Partner, Servizzio

Over the last five years, the available functionality of Service Parts Management (SPM) has leaped forward. For many long-established users, often their planners have not matured in their capabilities and knowledge at the same pace. In this session, learn how industry leaders use foundational training to drive a long term operational improvement initiative to drive results.

These are just some of the sessions from the Service Transformation Track. Be sure to visit the LiveWorx 19 Archive to see all of them.

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