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The Internet of Things and the concept of digitized products, process, people and systems, as well as the value of data that comes from it, is not slowing down any time soon. LiveWorx '20 featured a diverse set of sessions on IIoT for Products and Service. Below are links to the video recordings and presentations for some of the top viewed sessions to-date from the IIoT for Products and Service educational track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx '20 Content Archive, featuring over 120 sessions in 15 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Digital Twin Ola Takes Over the Virtual Factory: Chat with the App Creators
Samir Uppal, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP | Robert Schmid, Deloitte Consulting LLP | Alican Ulke, Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP
This presentation launched Deloitte Consulting's brand new Virtual Factory 3.0 app. Watch this panel discussion, hosted by Deloitte’s Chief Futurist Robert Schmid and our creative team to learn how the Virtual Factory was envisioned, designed, built and animated; which Digital Thread use cases it demonstrates; and how the app’s users can leverage this tool to better understand and explain key concepts of Digital Thread to their Product Development & Manufacturing organizations. The Virtual Factory by Deloitte app simulates the three phases of a rubber duck product’s lifecycle—design, manufacturing, and life—interconnected across the Digital Thread. The main use case is the Digital Twin and how it helps reduce product time-to-market and overall cost of service while enriching the customer experience.

ThingWorx Platform and Solutions Roadmap
Joseph Biron, CTO, PTC and Kevin Foster, Senior Director of Marketing, ThingWorx Platform, PTC
Watch this replay for an in-depth overview of ThingWorx, the industry-leading solution platform for Industrial IoT. Presenters discuss the vision of the platform's evolution, review the investment themes driving development priorities, explore a high-level roadmap of deliverables, and explain PTC's strategy for meeting the evolving needs of customers and partners.

Opportunities in Disruption with Smart Connected Products
Iain Michel, Divisional VP & General Manager, Connected Product Solutions, PTC and Nick Leeder, PTC
What is the next wave of innovation for smart, connected products? Watch this recording to find out how connected products are fundamentally changing the way the world buys, builds, and services industrial products. You'll get insights on market trends and industry dynamics shaping connected product innovation, as well as PTC’s strategy for helping customers unlock the value of these products based on work with customers, analysts and industry experts. You'll also hear lessons learned through customer case studies and get a better understanding of how connected products can help you deliver greater value, and practical steps you can take to accelerate your IoT journey.

PTC Roadmap for Connected Product Solutions
Lauran Hazan, Senior Director, Solution Management, Connected Product Solutions, PTC and Ken Rawlings, VP, Solution Management, Connected Product Solutions, PTC
Are you interested in learning about turnkey solutions that will help you deliver valuable service and innovative use cases in a fraction of the typical development time? Watch this presentation to explore the PTC roadmap for Connected Product Solutions and to understand PTC's framework for solutions management, identify the top pain points heard from customers, and explore the PTC delivery roadmap based on customer prioritization. Discover how your organization can take advantage of exciting new capabilities to delight customers, sales teams, and service professionals.

Anticipating the Future: A Journey to the Center of Industry 4.0
Martina Stefanon, TMC, part of IMA Group
TMC, part of IMA Group, presents an open and scalable Machine Analytics Platform able to connect heterogenous machines, provide real time insights and manage assets taking predictive actions to maximize availability and production rates. Their customers can benefit from cost savings, quality and production efficiency improvements while expecting a longer asset life. Learn how you can develop innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 and service optimization. The change of traditional product-centric to customer-centric business models empower service teams with advanced knowledge and remote service capabilities to improve customer satisfaction. You'll learn about a new OEM service hub for the entire shop floor, that connects other branded machines and added value services on top of manufacturing data, unlocking new business and growth opportunities.

These are just a handful of the sessions from the IIoT for Products & Service Track, be sure to check out the Archive to see them all.

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