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Although LiveWorx is an industry inclusive event that welcomes everyone on their digital transformation journeys, no matter what their relationship is with leading sponsor PTC, there is typically a subset of peer to peer content focused on tips and tricks, best practices, and lessons learned specific to PTC products. These types of sessions were part of the PTC Product Day track at LiveWorx 2020. This past year, the track focused on specialized Creo, ThingWorx, Vuforia, and Windchill topics which are PTC's CAD, IoT, AR and PLM software, respectively. Below are video recordings and pdf presentations for some of the top viewed sessions to-date from the PTC Product Day educational track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx '20 Content Archive, featuring over 120 sessions in 15 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Re-engineering Wire Harness Design for Integrated Product Development
Neil Martin, Senior Routed Systems Engineer, Virtual Interconnect Ltd and Charles Watson, Routed Systems Engineer, Virtual Interconnect
Harnessing has traditionally been overlooked during product development, falling between the electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. Its importance should not be underestimated, as the harness touches every system of a product. With the ever-increasing move towards electrification, this will only become more complex. Watch this presentation recording to see how the presenters have re-engineered harness design, bringing it to the front end of product development, whilst integrating Design Rule Checking to validate it can be built long before it reaches manufacturing. This is shown through the definition of the electrical design in Creo Schematics, the 3D modeling of the harness in Creo Cabling, and the subsequent generation of a manufacturing drawing using the Harness Manufacturing Extension. The integration of the electrical and harness design information into Windchill is also shown, as well as how it can be leveraged in MPMLink for manufacturing process planning.

PTC's Tips & Tricks for Creo 7
Paul Sagar, VP CAD Product Management, PTC
Watch a recap of this popular annual session as PTC product managers and software experts showcase the very latest and most useful tips and tricks for Creo 7.0. Make your job easier - and more fun - with this session recording.

Work Smarter or Harder? A New Creo Approach To Modeling & Changes
Bart Brejcha, Product Designer / Lead Instructor, Design-engine
Too many times Creo Product Designers can become set in their ways, especially if they've not had additional training. This presentation offers a new perspective on utilizing Creo by showing you how to manage the parent-child relationships effectively. This presentation will tell a story leading you through a wide variety of tools, techniques & changes while offering advice for working smarter not harder. Learn an approach to creating a dog ball toy by first using markers on a white board to illustrate the approach, then by implementing it live with Creo 7.0. Then, watch a demonstration that shows how to change the model 10 times without failure. Then, watch a demonstration of modeling by seeing how robust a water pitcher model is by modifying the bounding edges and changing the model. You will also see how add tools to manipulate Style curves & surfaces.

Informed Product Decisions Through ThingWorx Data Mashups
Danny Poisson, Architect, Raytheon and Tom Emery, Business Architect, Raytheon
Almost all Windchill customers live in a heterogeneous environment where business answers are formed at the intersection of complex data from different platforms. The traditional means of pulling this data together into consolidated views for providing single-point access to complete answers is extremely challenging. Hear how Raytheon is using ThingWorx to simplify this challenge.

BOM Transformation: Managing Multidimensional and Multidisciplinary BOM
Hardik Shah, PTC
As product complexity surges and innovation is happening at a rapid pace, the time to launch a new product is getting shorter and shorter. To scale with the market and remain competitive, organizations must evolve and store all product information in product BOMs which is used and adapted throughout the product's lifecycle. Many enterprises rely on just an engineering view, thus forcing others to manually copy and restructure BOMs to suit their own needs. This leads to outdated data and laborious processes to keep upstream and downstream changes aligned. Global companies create plant BOMs for various plants that maintain plant level info and product localization, in which manufacturing engineers create alternative plans to build the product by restructuring the original engineering BOM. Creating and managing relationships between upstream and downstream BOM's is called BOM Transformation. Attend this session and see demonstrations on how to manage multiple BOMs through BOM Transformation, manage enterprise information on downstream BOMs, and get the right information based on user roles and responsibility.

These are just a handful of the sessions from the PTC Product Day Track, be sure to check out the Archive to see them all.

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