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The servitization of products and Service Optimization has seen significant change over the past decade with the increasing adoption of Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) tools, data connectivity and the Internet of Things, and now Augmented Reality. The way service leaders and technicians are notified of issues (whether proactively or in real-time) as well as the methods for pinpointing issues and fixing them has been completely revolutionized through technology.

LiveWorx 2020 featured a Service Transformation track with presentations focused on how this dynamic function continues to change and become more efficient. Below are links to the video recordings and presentations for some of the top viewed sessions to-date from the Service Transformation educational track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx '20 Content Archive, featuring over 120 sessions in 15 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Advanced Data Science & Service Parts Optimization
eslie Paulson, PTC
There is a ubiquitous market need for equipment uptime and availability. When service is required, only the best service experience will suffice. Unavailable service parts will frustrate your customers and jeopardize even the most loyal customer relationships. Leveraging all available technology (AR, IoT, AI, ML, etc.) is essential. However, at the end of the day, to delight your customers it is paramount to have the right parts in the right place at the right time for the right cost. Watch this recording to learn how modern service parts optimization has evolved through artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced data science-based methodologies and algorithms that deliver next-level benefits.

COVID-19: Responding to Extreme Supply Chain Disruption with Servigistics
Steven Caldwell, Vice President, Solutions, PTC | Mark Hermans, Project Leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific | Christophe Chevillard, Group Strategic Planning Manager, Service Parts, BOBST | Edmund Wodarski, Business Transformation Director, Fellow, PTC
There have always been uncertainties in supply chains and planning systems have been dealing with these uncertainties since their inception. Yet the severity of global pandemics are unprecedented and cause extreme disruptions. The ability to model different demand and supply side scenarios and gauge their impact on your supply chain is critical to developing response and recovery plans. Watch this session recording to explore best practice techniques with service supply chain experts Ed Wodarski and Steven Caldwell. You will also learn from Thermo Fisher Scientific and BOBST as they share their COVID-19 mitigation plans and describe how Servigistics is supporting their best response.

Then and Now: Winning in the Aftermarket
ipul Agrawal, Vice President Product Management, Servigistics Business Unit, PTC
Dr. Vipul Agrawal co-authored the popular Harvard Business Review article “Winning in the Aftermarket". Although authored in 2006, remarkably their vision and perspective remain pertinent and relevant now. Watch this presentation recording to hear how Dr. Agrawal analyzes the trends and predictions which have materialized as expected with the new 2020 perspective. You will also hear his assessments on the trends still materializing, and which trends have accelerated or slowed. Watch this presentation to learn how advanced data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and maturing algorithms empower organizations to win in the aftermarket today and what the next 12 years have in store for service parts optimization then.

Hitachi Vantara's Commitment to Extraordinary Service
es Tomer, Augmented Reality Training Specialist, Atlas Copco VTS
Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique produces vacuum pumps and systems that are essential in a wide range of applications. Manufacturing, sales, and distribution centers cover multiple brands and a vast range of products requiring service. Service technicians are spread across the globe in teams to maintain and repair a wide range of vacuum pumps. There is an ever-increasing need for training as new products are developed more rapidly. Traditional training methods require an instructor in a classroom setting, but Atlas Copco has added augmented reality (AR) training to provide a more modern, flexible solution. Self-paced AR training enables technicians to delve deeply into the content to gain a better understanding of products. It allows them to get 3D in-context guidance without having an instructor in the room, and learn while having their hands free to work on the physical product. Watch this session replay to learn more about how Atlas Copco is using Augmented Reality in its service business.

These are just a handful of the sessions from the Service Transformation Track, be sure to check out the Archive to see them all.

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