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A quick Google search of "digital transformation" will garner a multitude of definitions.  At LiveWorx, the definitive event for digital transformation, the cutting-edge technologies that enable industrial enterprise organizations to streamline operations are a focus. But digital transformation involves more than just tools and technologies, it takes people to make it all happen.

What is Industrial Digital Transformation?

Consulting firm Deloitte defines industrial digital transformation as "enterprises embedding new digital technologies and capabilities in their legacy assets to capitalize on the shift to Industry 4.0 to effectively create and monetize IIoT solutions."  There's no cookie-cutter approach, transformation will look different at every organization.  

Whether you're just starting on the journey, or well down the transformation path, a new whitepaper from IDC covers five key initiatives for organizations to focus on including:

  • Enhancing the role of R&D/engineering
  • Establishing a digital thread for NPDI and cross ecosystem collaboration
  • Developing combinations of 3rd Platform technology for maximum digital value
  • Closing the digital skills gap
  • Striving for a future that is interconnected, automated, converged

These research findings are from industrial enterprise-level companies who are integrating 3rd party platform technologies in an effort to accelerate digital transformation across their value chain.

Who is Responsible for Digital Transformation?

Technically, everyone in an organization needs to "buy in" to make digital transformation possible. Though the process itself typically falls under the purview of the CTO, CIO or CXO, according to CIO Magazine, not only do they need to hire software engineers and developers, they also must hire staff with soft skills who can help shape the user experience around digital services.  

For a digital transformation to be successful, companies need storytellers, UX designers and product managers, among other roles. These skill sets help round out the human experience required to support emerging digital services. Roles like thesewill only become more important as organizations increasingly lean on artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies in which humans and machines must augment each other.

Where Can I Learn More About Industrial Digital Transformation?

You can immerse yourself in digital transformation education and tech demonstrations at LiveWorx, held in Boston from June 8-11, 2020.  You'll find 13 educational tracks including both industries (Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Mobility, etc.) and technologies such as IIoT for the Factory, IIoT for Products and Service and Augmented Reality.  It's designed to educate those in the industrial enterprise on how to achieve strategic business efficiencies, and bring together the digital tools, strategic solutions and emerging technologies that are transforming companies worldwide.  Gain a year's worth of education in just one week at LiveWorx! 

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