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Recently, Randal Kenworthy, Vice President in Cognizant’s IoT and Engineering Services group shared some key insights that his firm developed in collaboration with Forrester Consulting.

Before the pandemic, businesses developed Internet of Things (IoT) strategies focused on creating smart and connected products, services, and operations. But, all too often, Kenworthy observes, these strategies did not achieve widespread deployment or market adoption. The economic constraints and business challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic have driven companies to focus more sharply on executing IoT strategies at scale.

Cognizant commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how companies can escape the so-called “pilot purgatory” and implement IoT strategies reliably at scale and achieve positive business outcomes.

In his blog post “IoT Data Intelligence: Creating The ‘Always-Aware’ Enterprise,” Kenworthy describes one of the more intriguing findings in the report from Forrester Research. Read the full post to learn about the five key levers that Forrester identified for quickly transitioning IoT pilots to scaled initiatives.

Learn more about this topic in Kenworthy's blog post as well as Episode One of LiveWorx: The Limited Series, sponsored by Cognizant.

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